TEEG TimeZone Customer Portal


TEEG’s guest engagement and marketing strategy is to utilise targeted, personalised communications to keep their brands top-of-mind and be the first choice for entertainment. To enable strong guest engagement, TEEG had need of an extensive CRM database, with a goal of capturing insightful data on their 5 million guests.

These details could then be used to communicate with guests and provide them with offers, driving repeat visitation and increased revenue.
To facilitate this, PING was chosen by TEEG to develop a customer facing portal for the Timezone brand, available across 7 countries, that could potentially be extended to the other high-profile TEEG brands - Zone Bowling and Kingpin.

This web customer portal needed to allow a guest to register an account by providing personal information data and log-on securely (identity management) to manage their account. Account management requirements included updating details, adding cards, checking their card’s credit and points balance, and topping-up their credit, as well as allowing customers to view deals and vouchers based on respective card tiers.

Technical Challenges:


As part of this ambitious project, PING developed several core APIs and systems that were also a lynchpin to the development of TEEG’s other customer facing digital initiatives, including a Timezone mobile application and voucher management system.

High availability: A geographic distribution of active services was created, with transparent, automatic failover routing and replication between sites. This provides a very robust availability solution with no single point of failure.

Development - An Agile development approach was taken to allow us to pivot the implementation to account for the readiness and capabilities of a number of external parties. Deliverables were planned and agreed on a per-sprint basis to allow maximum flexibility for the changing capabilities across the multiple business dependencies.

User Acceptance Testing – The UAT stage of the project was an exciting one as the platform was tested across the seven regions in the local language and against agreed local functionality, and using a large amount of test data was created across multiple systems.

Training – As part of the essential change management and onboarding process for this complex initiative, PING provided technical training and supporting documentation to TEEG’s technical and non-technical staff for the day-to-day management of the new systems.

Rollout - A well planned and orchestrated rollout of multiple dependent systems was conducted which allowed us to stagger the launch across 7 regions.
The technologies used across the project included Azure (B2C Identity Management; event sourcing; WebSocket real time messaging), CDN Front door (geographic priority routing), Blazor Framework, Umbraco CMS and Mandrill / Mailchimp.


Services Provided