Rich Tips - How to Rebuild your Sitecore Analytics Table

Sitecore tracking and analytics, it's a beautiful thing. Sometimes beautiful has a dark side, like when your analytics and tracking don't work like you expected them. Richard Hauer takes us through a possible fix for your issue... READ MORE

The Benefits of Auto-scalability in Microsoft Azure™ Web Apps

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your website environment grew and shrank in response to real-time demand? So, instead of having a server room full of expensive hardware that is running “just in case”, you could have a magical machine that simply makes itself bigger or smaller as required during the life of your website. While this sounds somewhat fantastical, it is in fact just what Microsoft Azure™ can offer your business. READ MORE


In the past, content management systems have been specifically for that, managing your content. With Sitecore XP 8, not only do you get the ability to edit your website's content in a high fidelity WYSIWYG environment, but also all of your analytics, ECM capabilities, the ability to track your audience in real time, and enhance their experience with your brand. READ MORE


It’s been a much-vaunted statistic that there are now more mobile phones on the planet than there are people. By mid-2014, there were 7.7 billion mobiles v 7.1 billion people. 2014 also saw more people access the Internet via smartphone than by PC/laptop. Little wonder then that Google introduced their mobile-friendly algorithm changes in April of this year in an attempt to ensure that web content is as easily viewed on mobiles as it is on tablets and PCs. Their obvious priority being that all search queries are easily satisfied on all device and platform formats. READ MORE

Creating SSL certificates with SHA256 on Windows with IIS

SSL certificate requests that are created using IIS only support the SHA1 hash algorithm, and that's a problem for newer browsers which want the more secure SHA256 and will complain when they don't get it. This article provides instruction for creating a complying certificate request using the certreq tool in Windows. READ MORE

PING now have two MVPs

PING Works' Gareth Goodman wins Sitecore “Most Valuable Professional” Award and Richard Hauer is re-appointed for the fourth year as a Sitecore MVP READ MORE