Flash FLV over IIS

Recently I was deploying a web site with Flash video on. The Flash SWF files and associated FLV files (these are the ones containing the video that is streamed back to the user) were all in the correct directories however the videos still would not play. Instead I simply saw a blank screen. Windows IIS ... READ MORE

VS.NET2003, Windows Vista & Remote Debugging

If you’re like me you will have a development machine that’s got a bit of power behind it. You might also be a bit keen on new technology. You may have even gone ahead and installed Windows Vista thinking – she’ll be right. If you’re still like me at this point you’ll be thinking “bugger”. ... READ MORE

Debugging Tips

The number one problem I find when I help someone debug a problem is the assumptions that have been made. If you’re running a program and it doesn’t behave the way you expect it to what are you going to do? “Step through the code to see what’s going wrong” you say? Chances are that ... READ MORE