WesTrac website design and build


We were invited by WesTrac Caterpillar to help deliver their ambitious, new website. Not only did this require a radical UX and design shift, it also involved a complex Sitecore 9 build with integration into a number of back-end systems.


The combined forces of the DISTRICT Group (PING and Canvas) collectively delivered the full range of design and development services for this project, on the road to creating this stunning, robust and intuitive website.


Since the launch in February of last year, the business impact has been nothing short of remarkable, with the revenue that is directly attributable to the website increasing by a stellar 33%.

This is reflective of the vastly improved engagement and interaction levels with the re-engineered user interface and content; with a 32.4% increase in Average Session Duration and 27.8% increase in Pageviews – and most significantly, a 156% increase in events.


services provided

Our website re-platform project was a foundational piece of work that required a strong partnership between us and DISTRICT. The project teams on both sides worked well together to deliver outcomes that met the project requirements and the needs of the business. Going into this, we 'didn’t know what we didn’t know' and the DISTRICT team helped us navigate the road, and have some fun on the way!

Marnie Davey

Marketing & Customer Experience Manager - WesTrac (September 2020)