WesTrac FitFleet Branding & Customer Portal


The strategic challenge for the project was to centralise customer data into one easy-to-use portal environment that would enable both WesTrac and their customers to more effectively manage the ‘health’ of their machinery; helping to protect their customers’ assets and proactively identify opportunities for maintenance or renewal.


The first task was to create a new brand for this unique and innovative service. The District Group (PING and Canvas Group) were engaged to create and design the new brand in conjunction with the senior WesTrac team - the result of which was “FitFleet – powered by WesTrac”.

The new portal solution provides a range of services that make it easy to do business with WesTrac, thereby enhancing the ownership experience. 

The environment has been designed to meet the specific needs of a range of user roles; for example, finance departments, business owners, and maintenance personnel. Plus, to aid speed of development and extend the life of the portal, the site has been built using modularised functionality. 

The portal application is integrated with Sitecore via FXM for editing purposes. Also, a Sitecore XConnect API is used to track user interactions and surface these in the website for the purpose of marketing automation and personalisation to FitFleet users on the public website.


The portal is brand new.

Services provided