Secure Parking Voyager Program WEBSITE; BUSINESS PORTAL; KIOSK UI


PING was honoured, as the incumbent digital partner for Secure Parking, to be invited to pitch for the delivery of the ambitious Voyager Program, along with our District Group UX/UI partner, Canvas.

The Voyager Program is a 2-year strategic B2C and B2B2C project that spans all aspects of Secure Parking’s interface with its consumers and corporate customers. This initiative saw a conscious move away from the traditional third-party equipment used by other car park operators to the creation of a bespoke, fully integrated car park management system.

The scope of the project ranged all the way from the new website, business portal and mobile site to the in-car park entry and exit kiosk UI to the complex Secure Parking booking engine – all of which had to operate in seamless tandem.

The core objectives of the project were to:


Our role was to design and build both the brand new, responsive pre-book public website (B2C) and the Business Portal for corporate customers (B2B). We also produced the UX and UI for both the separate mobile app and the in-car park entry and exit kiosks through which both credit card and voucher payments can be made – and which required over 200 screens.

The primary aim of the project was to support a seamless customer journey throughout the entire parking experience, including car park search, user registrations, the booking process, payments, user support capabilities and self-service account management.

Both the consumer website and the Business Portal needed to integrate with the complex Secure Parking back-end systems, including the booking engine, customer engagement platform, asset management platform and Advam payment gateway.

These two key assets were created on the headless CMS.

The project went live in April this year.


The Voyager program has been very well received by consumers and business customers alike, with the multiple new touchpoints creating a smoother and more intuitive experience for thousands of users daily.

This has already resulted in higher customer engagement and lower operating costs for Secure Parking.

In June, CIO Magazine recognised Secure Parking CIO, Rick Chandra, as one of the Top 20 CIOs in Australia as a result of his leadership, helping to guide the Voyager program. Rick personally thanked the PING team for “the contribution PING made in achieving such a successful outcome on the Voyager Program.”

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