Nespresso Loyalty Promotion Portal and promotions


PING has now been working with Nestlé for over 10 years, and we have been managing the Nespresso brand’s loyalty programs for both Australia and New Zealand for around the last 6 years.
The objective of the Nespresso promotions was to target key events throughout the year that are of particular relevance to the target Nespresso users; for example, Mothers’ Day; Fathers’ Day; and Christmas.

These promotions reward existing customers for their repeat purchases, in the form of:


PING created the promotional platform, which is a custom-built .NET application, backed by SQL server data storage. Once established, on-going, new seasonal promotions then required just minor code and database updates to set them up.

The platform is a custom-built .NET application, backed by SQL server data storage, with minor code and database updates required with each new promotion.

The environment includes an administration portal where claims can be validated, customers can update their details, and the client can track customer activity, including claim status.


PING has facilitated more than twenty loyalty promotions for Nespresso.

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