Securing Web Services with Sitecore Authentication Providers in 5 easy steps

During a complicated project involving several 3rd party system systems I discovered that I had a need to expose some Sitecore functionality to external applications. The obvious model to go with was web services, since I could readily make use of the Sitecore context system to access and alter the environment. In ... READ MORE

Installing VeriSign Certificates with Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)

I recently had an infuriating experience with VeriSign that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, so I thought I’d try to save someone a bunch of time and frustration by putting the fix on the ‘net. When submitting a product for Windows Logo certification one is required to digitally sign and submit a file ... READ MORE

Visual Studio 2010 web publishing issue with the .browser files

We moved a VS 2008 web site project to VS 2010, and when we did a publish using the “Publish Web Site”, somehow all the customised Adapter classes that we implemented within the .browser files didn’t get executed. After a very thorough investigation, especially after we looked into the App_Browsers.dll assembly through a reflection tool, ... READ MORE

FIX: Using an embedded SurveyGizmo Survey on a page with jQuery

We use SurveyGizmo ( with many of our clients to provide author generated forms and surveys. It has lots of great features, and one terribly annoying one. The main mechanism for deploying a form or survey is to use some JavaScript automatically generated by SurveyGizmo to download and embed the form or survey in the ... READ MORE

Apple iPhone won’t display in Vista’s Windows Explorer

A quick post that may help a few people whose iPhone has suddenly disappeared from Windows Explorer. I use Vista Ultimate but I suggest this technique will work for XP and other Vista variants as well. Normally the iPhone appears like a camera to Windows Vista (albeit with a cute iPhone icon) which allows access ... READ MORE

Microsoft Exchange 2003 Direct Push and the Apple iPhone 3G

Like any good technophile I picked up a new iPhone 3G on Friday the 11th and the very first thing I did when getting back to the office was to try to get my Exchange Server to do Direct Push. I have had some small frustrations from the wide distribution of documentation on the subject ... READ MORE

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Licensing

With the release of Dynamics CRM 4.0 Microsoft has significantly changed their licensing model. The following information is a summary of the new facets as we currently understand them. Server Licenses There are 3 flavours of Dynamics CRM 4.0 server as follows: Workgroup Edition – This version is limited to 5 licensed users and is ... READ MORE

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 Licensing

A few pieces of interesting information regarding Microsoft Dynamics licensing that we have recently discovered: If you have licensed Dynamics CRM 3.0 as part of an Action Pack subscription it is not possible to add more than 10 active users. This is because since the release of CRM 4.0 the FPP (or full packaged product) ... READ MORE

Public proxied access to SharePoint (WSS or MOSS)

We use Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 internally to manage all kinds of work and share documents. It’s a very effective tool. We also use it to manage our software registration database. To facilitate customer software registrations we have a public-facing web service that uses SharePoint APIs to communicate with our registration site. The configuration of ... READ MORE

Forms, Controls & the Forms Designer

I was just working on a Windows app that contains lots and lots of User Controls all of which inherit from a base User Control. When I opened the controls they displayed blank in the designer. After some digging I realised that two vital pieces were missing: All controls need to have a parameterless constructor, ... READ MORE