Azure PowerShell - Redis Cache Management Functions

Early in October Microsoft announced GA (Gold) status for their Redis Cache service. Great. Unfortunately all the tools for provisioning and managing the service are still in preview or beta. Not so great. I had a hard time getting the Redis Azure PowerShell functions to work - here's what I had to do. READ MORE

Creating a manual resync context menu for Sitecore's SharePoint Integration Framework

In this post we are going to create a manual "resync" context menu item that forces a resync of an SPIF synchronised folder in Sitecore. While developing against the SPIF I found myself in need of this as running the sync at very high frequencies was not ideal and neither was waiting an indeterminate period for a sync event. Debugging a pipeline is hard enough without having to contend with the job scheduler. READ MORE

Customer Advisory - Sitecore and Chrome v37 breaking changes

New restrictions released as part of Google Chrome v37 cause certain functionality to become unavailable in Sitecore. Sitecore versions prior to 7.2 are currently affected. This advisory was sent to PING Works' customers to notify them of available workarounds. READ MORE

PING Works’ Richard Hauer appointed as Sitecore MVP again in 2014

JANUARY 29, 2014: Sitecore’s 2014 Most Valuable Professional awards were issued today. Now in its eighth year, Sitecore’s MVP program recognises individual advocates who share their passion for and expertise in building Sitecore solutions that offer positive customer experiences. For the first time this year, Sitecore has awarded MVP status in two categories: Digital Strategist MVP, ... READ MORE

PING Works’ Alexey Glazyrin to become Australia’s first SharePoint 2013 Master

MAY 23, 2013: PING Works’ SharePoint architect Alexey Glazyrin is heading to Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, USA on June 6 where he’ll spend the next three months training to become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Master on SharePoint 2013. This will make him Australia’s first and only person to gain the certification. Only 100 people globally ... READ MORE

Ping Works' Richard Hauer Re-appointed as Sitecore MVP

MAY 13, 2013: Richard Hauer, CTO of PING Works, has been re-appointed as a Sitecore MVP – one of only four in Australia and 104 globally out of a pool of over 5,000 certified Sitecore developers worldwide. Sitecore is a web content management system software company that provides enterprise website, intranet, portal and marketing automation software... READ MORE

Sitecore Links Database and Rendering (or Sublayout) DataSources

Caveat: All code herein is built upon Sitecore 6.3 – mileage with other versions may vary When we create areas of shared content, such as spotlights or banners, it’s common for us to reference these onto a page by adding a Rendering or Sublayout, then setting the DataSource to point to the content item we ... READ MORE

Securing Your WSDL

This is a short follow-up to my previous post on Securing Web Services with Sitecore Authentication Providers in 5 easy steps. ASP.Net helpfully generates documentation pages for your web services automatically. This is the HTML that is served when you browse to an asmx file. It gives you a list of all the methods connected ... READ MORE