It’s been a much-vaunted statistic that there are now more mobile phones on the planet than there are people. By mid-2014, there were 7.7 billion mobiles v 7.1 billion people. 2014 also saw more people access the Internet via smartphone than by PC/laptop. Little wonder then that Google introduced their mobile-friendly algorithm changes in April of this year in an attempt to ensure that web content is as easily viewed on mobiles as it is on tablets and PCs. Their obvious priority being that all search queries are easily satisfied on all device and platform formats. READ MORE

Apple iPhone won’t display in Vista’s Windows Explorer

A quick post that may help a few people whose iPhone has suddenly disappeared from Windows Explorer. I use Vista Ultimate but I suggest this technique will work for XP and other Vista variants as well. Normally the iPhone appears like a camera to Windows Vista (albeit with a cute iPhone icon) which allows access ... READ MORE

Microsoft Exchange 2003 Direct Push and the Apple iPhone 3G

Like any good technophile I picked up a new iPhone 3G on Friday the 11th and the very first thing I did when getting back to the office was to try to get my Exchange Server to do Direct Push. I have had some small frustrations from the wide distribution of documentation on the subject ... READ MORE