Sitecore 10 goes ‘deep’ - providing more value for both Marketing & I.T.

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The latest version of Sitecore is here.

Following on from Sitecore XP 9, Sitecore XP 10 offers “everything brands need to deliver experiences in a fully-integrated solution” (

More importantly, this release sets the scene and roadmap for Sitecore as a Service enabling more development and deployment options, plus increased usability and speed for both Marketing and IT users.

We asked Richard Hauer, PING’s own Sitecore Technology MVP (9 times over) - for his take on the new release and to curate what he thought might be the top 3 improvements for both a marketing/content and technical/developer audience. Here are his top 3 edits for both groups:

What’s improved for Marketing and Content Teams

Horizon next generation Editor

Audience analytics filters and improved analytics reporting

Enhanced marketing automation


What’s improved for IT & Development teams

Full Support for Containers

Headless: A first class citizen – properly supported in platform

Sitecore CLI enhances the dev experience

Richard says;

“When Sitecore graduated to version 8 way back in 2015 it gained the architecture required to scale properly – by introducing the platform features required to decouple roles and by providing the foundations to add a raft of new features to build out personalisation capabilities.

When Sitecore graduated to version 9 in 2017, it broadened its capabilities to take advantage of this new architecture, adding Enterprise Commerce and Enterprise DAM capabilities into the mix.

Over the last 10 years, we have seen Sitecore go broad: adding a raft of features to give us great tools for addressing lots of different types of problems for different types of clients.

With Sitecore 10 we see the product starting to go deep – strengthening the integration between features, adding capabilities to the tools that already exist, making them easier to use, and importantly, as the complexity of the infrastructure grows, addressing the Sitecore Developer.

We have been privileged to work with the Developer Experience team alongside some of the brightest Sitecore developers on the planet, to guide the shape of the developer experience for v10 and beyond, introducing thoroughly modern tooling and technologies to make Sitecore developers more productive, and ultimately to deliver better value for our clients”.

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