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Author: Sarah Wood Date: 09/09/2015

In the past, content management systems have been specifically for that, managing your content. With Sitecore XP 8, not only do you get the ability to edit your website's content in a high fidelity WYSIWYG environment, but also all of your analytics, ECM capabilities, the ability to track your audience in real time, and enhance their experience with your brand.

This revolution in how we are able to use a CMS also allows your marketing team to closely follow your visitors’ experience on your site. By enhancing their individual experience of your brand, and allowing you to execute your digital marketing strategy with ease, you can excite your audience, build loyalty, and drive revenue.

More and more, as the web matures, we are developing our content with a specific target audience in mind. Many hours of work are invested in analysing who that target audience is, how they interact with the on-line world, what information is important to them, and what will keep them coming back to your site time and again. Unfortunately, all that initial research can be foiled by the age-old adage, "The only constant is change".

With Sitecore’s experience platform, that change is quantified, allowing marketing management to adapt content to their audience’s needs. Marketers can not only gain insights on their users' experience, but can also use that insight to make decisions and take action to ensure those users are getting the personalisation that will keep them engaged with your brand.


In the past, marketers have been plagued with a multiplicity of tools. Many of these are costly and difficult to use, requiring developers to run them, and specialized analysts to understand the value provided by the data collected. This separation of data and insight can lead to lost revenue, lost time, and less understanding about what is occurring now when it comes to customer acquisition and retention.

Learning how to use these multiple tools and their (sometimes vastly) different interfaces was sometimes making the job of the marketer much more difficult. Sitecore XP 8 alleviates this problem by providing all the tools you require to analyse and improve the user experience with your site, all within one standardised view. Different personnel within your organisation can customise the way they work in Sitecore, with personalised dashboards outlining the data that is most important to them.


Not only can Sitecore tell you what is happening within your Sitecore website, it can also be configured to retrieve the data from other business systems, such as ERP & CRM, and include that information within the same interface. This creates a single source of truth for who your users are, rather than spreading that value across multiple, disparate systems. Sitecore XP 8 allows marketers to spend less time focussed on small detail, instead focusing them on the bigger picture of their customer's experience with their brand in real time, while still maintaining historical data for analysis.

Sitecore XP 8 offers extensible automation of testing and optimization of your content to find out the Who, What, When, Where and How of your audience. This new approach to their CMS give you customisable rules for content inclusion, easier mechanisms to test customer experience, easier A/B testing setup, as well as extensible rules which allow much of the optimization of new content to be done for you. These are just a few of the new features included in Sitecore XP 8 making it so much more than it was in previous versions.

So what are you waiting for? Call us to find out how to get your hands on Sitecore XP 8 today, and give your marketers, content editors, and shareholders the tools they need to create engaging content, personalised to your customers. Then sit back and watch your brand grow.